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What is Feng Shui

 is both an art and a science based on the interpretation of the natural world and the study of movement. It began in China 5,000 years ago. The practice of  offers us the opportunity to achieve health, happiness, well-being, and to create environments which support our hopes, wishes, dreams and intentions.

One of the primary principals of  is the management of Ch'i: the life force of all animate things. In a home/office where the Ch'i flows evenly, the occupants are positive with an easy passage through life. Where the Ch'i is blocked or stuck, there is disharmony.  opens the passage for Ch'i to flow, balances the polarities of Yin -Yang, and unlocks the pathway for positive energy.

By focusing on key aspects of our lives which we want to stimulate or change, we can direct the energies of the universe and make them work for us. Based on five natural elements, (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood)  uses color, form, shape, and placement to achieve its goals.

The  Specialists, Inc. follows the Form School approach to balancing the environment. 

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