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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know will work for me?

The principles of are always at work, whether they are seen or unseen. When you become conscious of them and make intentional changes to your environment, the energy will change by natural law. The extent and intensity of the changes follow your own degree of desire and intention. The success of depends largely on how realistic your expectations are.

How soon will I see changes?

Once the Chi is opened and flowing in balance, changes can manifest instantly. However, change is subjective. one person may experience change in one way, and another in a totally different way. Not one treatment is alike. The best way to approach is to remain open, attentive and to be prepared for shifts while moving at your own, comfortable pace.

Is this confidential?

Absolutely. We never discuss our clients or the work with a client without written permission from the client. Your consultation is held in strict confidence and not shared with other business or persons. We welcome testimonials and from all our clients to support our business. However, no statements are ever forwarded or printed without permission.

Do I have to tell my spouse/family/roommate/coworkers?

It is very important that all people living, or working, under the same roof have a chance to express their desires and be a part of the process in some way. Because change and improvement are at the heart of , all individuals should be consulted about their desire for change, and have a personal stake in the outcome.